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Update August 28, 2005

I Hope They All Grow Up To Be Like Her

The "Her" I refer to is the woman above with the massive tits. What am I talking about? Well, a visitor recently posted on the site's TagBoard about how this summer's theme should be young girls with big chests. The reason being that he's seen more of these types this summer than ever before. Being a Breastwatcher myself I would have to agree. I've had some young huge tit sightings this summer which have literally stopped me in my tracks. I'm talking huge boobs on little bodies. And ... they're showing them suckers off as well by wearing tiny, tight, cleavage revealing tops! Pure craziness. So how will these early bloomers turn out later on in life? Some will grow into their bodies while some will stop growing atogether. Some will get reductions and a select few will turn out like the goddess above. However, I hope they all grow up to be like her :-)

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Update August 22, 2005

Ten Sighting Clips Added

This week I'll let the tits do the talking :-)

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Update August 14, 2005

She Gives New Meaning To The Term 'Five O'Clock Shadow'

... I'm referring to the chocolate honey in the pink top with the bombs of course :-) I'd love to take cover under those pillows. Eleven additional big tit sighting clips have also been added to this update. Hope everyone is having a great August as I am :-) Whoa, gotta run. There's big ones everywhere.

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Update August 07, 2005

The Happiest Time Of The Year ... For Huge Tit Sightings Of Course

AUGUST ... the happiest time of the year ... for huge tit sightings of course :-) It's the month before September. The month which shadows fall. The month when huge titters get a final chance to bask in their glory before retreating with the pups to gradually warmer, baggier, less revealing clothing. The month when some sleep less than four hours per night as they load up on pasta and carbs in search of the holy grail of huge tit sightings unable to update their website with never-seen-before goodies until September. Hence, some of you, if you've been around from the beginning, might have seen some of this month's clips before. Most of you have not. So sit back, relax and enjoy August ... the happiest time of the year.

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Update July 31, 2005

Good LAWD!

Heaven must have sent her from above. I mean ... wow, damn, holy mother, good lawd! She's young, fine and friggin HUGE chested. Just look at the strain her chest is putting on that light blue (a favorite huge tit sighting color) top. What's amazing is that she is short and top heavy yet her humongous titties appear to be very firm. Something tells me she has huge nipples as well. That's just experience talking boys. We've all heard the saying, "you could see it coming from a mile away". Well that term so applies in this instance. Watch in the july_05_28 clip as you first see this honey approaching from crazy far away only to pause for a second right in front of you. My jaw drops every time I watch it. She goes into my top 10 :-)

Also added this week ... a two minute clip of an older woman at the market checkout. She's wearing a beige sweater from which protrudes a beautiful full pair. This clip is hypnotizing in that all we see for two minutes is a profile shot of this woman and her big left boob. As the clip proceeds one realizes that big tits really do have minds of their own.

Also ... three ... count 'em .. three 'big tits in a white top' supermarket sightings. It's white tops to the rescue.

Now ... this last clip (july_05_22) ... I want you to study very, very carefully. It's a quick clip of a woman crossing the street. It repeats in slo-mo. Watch it once then watch it again. Do you see what I see? This woman might have one of the most incredible chests I've ever seen! Look very closely. She's GIGANTIC.

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Update July 24, 2005

OMG! Instant Classic

She stands barley five feet tall in her clog high heels and looks as if she's going to tip over forward at any given moment thanks to her enormous chest size. I'm talking about a never seen before old school sighting that, in my eyes, is a huge tit sighting classic. This smokin' hot petite honey not only has an unforgettable chest but a serious ass as well. Dressed in tight black clothing from head to toe and sporting a seriously big bra she walks with the grace of a ballerina as she continuously glances down into her cleavage, checking for titty overflow.

You know how men with long beards have to check their beards for food particles and crumbs after eating? Well, this firecracker has to check her cleavage for food after eating! Right at the beginning of her first clip you can actually watch her brush off her cleavage then reach down in there and pull out some crumbs and flick them lucky ducks to the ground. THEN, she notices some breast flesh overflowing out the top of her shirt and reaches in for a quick bra adjustment. And ... all of this happens within only the first nine seconds of this three minute and twenty one second erection bender. She is why we are here my friends. She is why we are here.

Also added to this weeks update ... a classy, "young" mature woman in a simple gray skirt and sleeveless white top sporting a rack that is very nice on the eyes ... a huge tit market sighting featuring a young honey also in a skirt and white top. Her chest is HUGE. And, why not ... another white top/skirt sighting also added. Well, gotta go for now. I'll be busy for the next three minutes and twenty one seconds :-)

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Update July 10, 2005

Yup ... Those Are Big!


Suit #1: Holy sh*t! Check out the size of those things!

Suit #2: Size of what? What the f*ck are you talking about?

Suit #1: Across the street ... black chick in the white shirt. Her titties are f*cking huge!

Suit #2: Yup ... those are big!


The two above? They're talking about the honey as seen in the july_05_13 video added in this weeks update. For the brickhouse lovers ... she's thick with a whole lotta tit. Buying bra's must be a challenge. Can she see her toes?

Next is another BBW with lots of tit. She's a big girl but not afraid to flaunt it. I like that. I also like how her hot pink sleeveless top brings mucho attention to her huge tits.

On to a young huge titter who is nicely overflowing her ill sized bra. And what a bra it is. That's some heavy duty engineering right there. Look at the incredible overflow as she leans forward and rests on the counter. Nice.

Next up are two quick walk-by sightings edited for maximum chest appreciation viewing. Normal-mo to slow-mo of course. These two clips fall into the 'big tits in white tops' category. The first honey is trying to hide some huge juggs under her red sweater but guess what ... huge juggs win everytime :-) ... the next babe is wearing a white ankle length wraparound skirt with a tight white sleeveless top punctuated by her two lovely lady bumps. How can your eyes not be drawn to her?

Note: If you haven't already done so please join now and grab the content on the July 04 Candid Clips page as that page will be coming down on Tuesday, July 12, 2005.

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Update July 04, 2005

She's Looking Your Way ... Uh-oh, You're Bust-ed

She's short and chunky with a huge chest. The white t-shirt she's wearing is being stretched the f*ck out. Okay ... here she comes ... she's passing by ... she's looking your way ... uh-oh, you're busted! ... she raises up her hand towards you ... what's it gonna be ... a friendly hello or a friendly f*ck you? Watch the july_05_03 clip from this weeks update to find out.

Also added to this weeks update ... a very pretty, full chested dark haired beauty filling out her white tank top with two large handfuls of breast flesh. This clip also contains a brief appearance by another big chested honey who is also wearing a white tank top. Is the 'big chest in a white tank top' convention in town?

More ... a quick clip of a HUMONGOUS chested honey at the soda machine. She's wearing a red top which zippers from top to bottom. Now just imagine being able to unzip that thing with mind control.

More ... a sexy, big titted latina wearing tight jeans and a tight white top. She's standing outside of a store announcing the bargains of the day. Pretty interesting to watch. At one point some guy walks by and say's, "How ya doin'?" (which she totally ignores) and stares into her cleavage for a quick tit fix. Nice.

More ... a big chested teen bouncing down the street in her denim skirt and tight beige top ... nice profile footage of a black BBW in a lime green top with some big ass boobs ... a quick clip of a super sexy brick house mama in tight jeans and sleeveless white top with a big, gorgeous pair. What a body!

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Update June 27, 2005

F*uck It ... I'm Gonna Do It!

"Do what?", you might ask. I'm going to give this week's top spot to a sillyconed filled honey. Say what? Sillycone? The top spot? Seemebob ... say it ain't so. Have you lost your f*ucking mind son? You done crossed over to the other side! Nah, I haven't lost my mind or crossed over. It's just that ... well ... ummm ... this honey looked SO friggin good. Skinny as can be with a sexy butt poking out of some tight ass jeans and an ENORMOUS fake rack for her little frame. Did I say ENORMOUS?

Also featured in this weeks update ... a huge chested (all natural :-) mature mom waiting on her bus. If you like 'em short and stacked then this is all you. Check out her profile and drool as those huge juggs project from the side. Nice.

Next ... a cool slim and stacked sighting. Look how flat her stomach is then work your way up and bang! Now that's a rack. She's jiggling baby.

Next ... a middle aged honey in tight white pants and a red sleeveless top packing a big, impressive chest. Looking real big eventhough she's packed in real tight one can only imagine the sight of her braless. Boom, look who stepped in the room!

More ... a quick sideview sighting of a very large chested thirty something year old waiting in line ... a vibrant, mature woman in a sleeveless blue top holding down what looks to be a pair of DD's ... and last but certainly not least ... a twenty something year old honey who was catching lots of attention for her impressive nipping out display. Apparently she overheard the comments and engaged the trusty 'arm across the chest' defense and that's where the clip picks up. She eventually nips down but not before we catch a little sumptin, sumptin :-)

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Update June 19, 2005

Lot's Of Big Tits

This update has so much good stuff that I've just decided to take the easy way out and simply title it "Lot's Of Big Tits". Anyone have a problem with that :-)

I could have called it the "Smoking Hot Young Honey With The Big Titties" update and would have been referring to the beautiful slim young thing strolling through the streets in her jeans and tight white spaghetti string tank top which so beautifully showcased her mouth watering, full, fat tits and treated us to a nice cleavage show.

Or, I could have called this week's update the "Giant Amazon With The Giant Chest". Dressed all in black and looking like she was ready to kick some serious ass this serious minded individual had some stupid big ones. I'm talking really, really big. I'm assuming the black outfit was meant to "minimize" her size but come on ... this girl is a star.

I also could have called this update the "Here It Is ... The 'Huge In Red Video'" and would have been referring to the humongous chested woman whose pictures were first posted last week under the moniker, "Huge In Red'". This juicy 20 MB clip has been on serious rotation around the seemebob household since it's inception. If you like enormous tits ... this is for you.

I would have liked to gone with "The Huge Tit Loch Ness Sighting" but that probably would have been too bizarre for most. Don't know about the Loch Ness Monster? Google it. This quick sighting features an enormous breasted black mama but the video quality is very lo-rez ... hence ... the Loch Ness Sighting!

There's three more big tit sighting videos this update including ... a lovely big chested black honey in shorts and a red top walking around with balloon in hand and a great big chest in tow ... a big boobed office worker whose about to pop her crisp, button down white shirt. I just love that look :-) ... and a full chested, lively, mature honey in an orange sleeveless top who is just flying down the street. Her clip is not in fast motion ... that's how fast she is really walking.

HEY! ... Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there!

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Update June 12, 2005

Yup ... It's Time For An Erection Update!!!

If you don't already know an erection update is 99.999% guaranteed to cause a rise in your pants. You know ... a woody, a boner, a hard on ... a fucking big, stiff erection. Female big tit lovers should keep a clean pair of undies close :-)

First, let's start off with a new Series Picture Gallery called Huge In Red. Now this woman has humongous titties!! She could be the poster girl for That's how much I'm feeling her. Not only does her chest practically cover her entire torso but they are very full and hang low. A huge tit lover's dream. Even though she looks to be wearing an XXL shirt those monster boobs are still putting on a show. And to top things off this woman has a face exactly like that big lipped hot mama, Angelina Jolie. Huge lips and huge tits ... boing ... erection over here.

Next, we have one of the sexiest slim and stacked honey's ever featured on the site. Turning heads left and right this fine, tall model babe was hot, hot, hot. Dressed in a flimsy black skirt and a tight hot pink top which showcased an overflowing bosom in an ill fitting bra she was switching that ass through the streets like it was her world ... and not an ounce of fat in sight ... except for :-)

Next up is a beautiful Nordic blonde. Equally beautiful in the face as well as the chest. She's wearing a light blue (one of the best colors for sightings) spaghetti string top which so nicely showcases her big, succulent rack. Lot's of great angles and close-ups of her. She nips out for a quick second and that's always appreciated. I'd wife her in a heartbeat.

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Update June 05, 2005

Got Damn Girl!!!

"Got damn girl!!!" is my reaction to seeing the fine black honey above with the huge tits. I mean, come on ... her chest is enormous. Really incredible. And look at what she is wearing. A super tight stretchy white top which clearly accentuates her giant tits. To big breast admirers like ourselves it's the equivalent of seeing a Hummer in a bicycle race. In other words ... LOOK AT ME AND MY GIANT HEADLIGHTS NOW GET THE FUCK OUT THE WAY! I love the fact that she's huge chested, appears to know it :-) and appears to not mind the attention it brings. You go girl. Her clips are long and include lots of great big tit admiring angles including a moment during the first clip where we catch a glimpse of the outline of her bra from behind. Wow, now that's a wide heavy duty bra strap.

Also added to this weeks update ... a teen chubster with a fat pair as seen in a sandwich shop. Next to white, light blue is my favorite shirt color for big boob sightings. Next ... a trio of what I like to call, "walkby sightings". What's a walkby? Basically a walkby is when the sighting approaches you from afar and proceeds to walk towards and past you. These types of sightings go by quick but can be fun when the subject is wobbling about and you get to see that wobble in slow motion :-) Also added ... a young slim and stacked with a great big rack for her frame. I fear a reduction in her future. And last but certainly not least ... a giant tit / can crushing clip. Giant in the sense of clip size and tit size. You'll have to see it to believe it.

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Update May 29, 2005

Down Near Her Elbows

There's a star in every update and in this update there is no doubt as to whom that may be. Strolling along in her tight black jeans and even tighter red top this late teens / early 20's latina was killing it in the big titty department. Talking it up on her cell as she moved it along with her sexy ass walk (note the belly button teaser) this mama was all but oblivious to the attention she was receiving from both men and women alike. About ten seconds into her video clip you'll notice a young goth chick take a serious interest in our star's bosom. Hey, back of the line honey! When you see a beauty this age with big luscious ta-ta's that hang way down near her elbows you can't help but thank the man above for creating such an incredible work of art.

New videos also added this week include a quartet of market sightings including ... a BBW in purple with a big, fun rack ... a pony tailed mom with a nice full chest waiting for her order to be filled ... a sexy early thirties babe wearing black pants and a tight pink tank top which showcases her eye catching assets and a young, big chested chunky shopper filling out a white short sleeve top. Also added ... cool profile footage of a busty office worker as she hurries along in her gray skirt and sleeveless white top and last but not least ... a huge chested BBW stretching the fuck out of her tight black stretch top. Now those are some big ass titties

Did you miss the last update? Make sure to check out "WOW!! ..." below.

Also, the June '04 Candid Clips page comes down on Thursday, June 2nd so if you haven't already done so join and grab it now.

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Update May 25, 2005

WOW!! ...

WOW!! How about another fast food huge tit sighting ala "The Best Chest". Early twenties black honey, chunky with enormous tits that are stretching the crap out of a tight white top. I would love to know her cup size ... middle of the alphabet for sure. Do fries go with those shakes? You betcha.

Plenty more goodies this update including ... giant low hanging tits on an early thirty year old cutie wearing an untucked gray t-shirt which simply makes her already huge chest look that much bigger. I have no problem with that. Next ... a bone skinny late teen with a really top notch rack for her frame. She's killing 'em with that flimsy light blue top ... an old school black and white clip of a giant chested grandma at the bus stop. Look at the strain her huge boobs are placing on her jacket. That poor thing is gonna give ... a short but sweet vid clip of a fast walking brown skinned mama in a pink tank top with seriously big eye popping (and eye poking) ta-ta's. Damn. In my opinion, one of the best profile shots ever. Next ... a chunky senorita in tight jeans and a tight white top which is trying to contain two big wobbly yum-yum's. And last but certainly not least we have a refined, mature woman who has been blessed with a stand out pair of boobs on a svelte, slim body. The titty gods smiled on you Missy :-)

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Update May 15, 2005

Shoppers, May I Direct Your Attention To Register 9 ...

Market sightings are the best. I mean, who goes to the market expecting to spot huge tits? But lo and behold ... "Shoppers, may I direct your attention to register 9 where we have a pair of enormous tits on a zoftig, lively older woman who's filling out her tight sleeveless white top with about 20 pounds of delicious Grade A tit". Seriously, the side shots of this woman are incredible. For my mature BBW huge tit lovers ... now that's a lot of woman.

Also added to this weeks update ... Do you like big tits in a tight sweater? My god!!! Feast your eyes on the ridiculously hot mom in the tight hot pink sweater and off white skirt. Her chest is so big and full. Watching her video is like watching one of those dream sequences where everyone and everything gets blocked out except ... her. One of my favorites for sure. Also added ... a tall, short haired, early 50's mom in a lime green top with the classic "slim with big boobs" build. Nice. More ... a 40 something movie goer with some big ass titties exploding from her white top. Get close and personal as she waits on line ;-) ... another sleeveless white top shopper sporting a pair of very squeezable lady bumps ... a toy store shopping mom with one of the most bizarre shirt designs I've ever seen. Her top is screaming out, "Look at my titties" ... and for my big sloppy tit lovers (you now who you are!) ... a big chested honey rocking a tight white top under an open sweater. Looks like she would have trouble actually closing that sweater :-) Now go get 'em tiger ...

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Update May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day

I dedicate this update to all the Mother's out there. Without you there would be no me :-) Really, really.

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Update May 01, 2005

Pound For Pound The Best Chest ... EVER!

Have you ever seen a grown man cry? That would be me watching this weeks videos of the incredible woman known as "The Best Chest". Last week you got a taste with the fast food joint sighting video and this week I've added four more vids of the woman who, in my eyes, has the pound for pound best chest ... ever! Just look at the preview pictures. I mean ... the side view, the frontal view, the beautiful arched back, the slender upper body and a chest that is in a class by itself. Just amazing.

New videos also added this week include ... a giant chested classy latina in a sleeveless red top with a plunging neckline. Her tits are just huge. Look how big and heavy those things are. Best to take two steps back when that bra pops off or else you're getting knocked the fuck out. Also added this week ... a young mom with one in the oven about to make some little rug rat real happy ... and last but certainly not least ... one of the best titty jiggle sighting clips seen yet. I can't believe this girl was wearing that top out in public. Her titties were bouncing around like they wanted out of that shirt. It's just nuts. Oh, and don't forget to check out that ass as well :-)

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Update April 24, 2005

Look Up, Do You See What I See ...

You're standing in line at a fast food eatery scanning the menu display when nonchalantly you glance to your left and pause for a second as your mind works to comprehend what your eyes are seeing. There's a woman ordering her food ... black, tall, mid 30's wearing a tight white top and dark slacks. She's half turned away from you but being the boob man that you are you immediately notice the outline of a big beautiful protrusion jetting from her side and resting at waist level. Your mind races ... then, she slowly turns your way and you say to yourself, "no fucking way". Yes y'all. It's the first vid clip of "The Best Chest" sighting first featured in the Picture Gallery a few weeks ago and added today.

Also added today ... a chesty slim and stacked red top sighting. The way she rests her arm at her side it's almost like she's posing for the big tit camera ... also, a big tittied Pocahontas in a tight sleeveless pink top. I love her posture :-) ... also, two vids of a young spectacular slim and stacked girl. For her age and body size she's huge. Much bigger than mom already. Now the rest of her body just has to catch up to her chest ... also, a giant chested office worker in a tight white stretch top and tight gray pants. Damn! Trust me, not a lot of work is getting done in her office if she's walking around dressed like that. And finally, a very quick black and white clip of a bodacious chested black mama. Watch as her huge left tit bops a little kid in the head as she squeezes through a tight spot. What dreams are made of ;-)

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Update April 17, 2005

A Nice Long Masturbation Clip

One minute and 42 seconds to be exact. She's probably close to twenty years old but may appear older because she is tall, chunky and big boned ... and has huge titties. Strolling along with her A cup sized friend she catches all big tit lovers attention. The untucked black t-shirt provides for some excellent profile views. Damn, those things are big! So grab the cream, unzip and ...

Also featured this week is a "young" 60 year old attractive and big chested woman wearing white capris and a light blue top packed full with breast flesh. Remember, age ain't nuthin but a number. To prove that, check out the ridiculously large chested young student walking with her friends. She's wearing a pink skirt with a tight stretchy black top. Friggin' amazing. Somewhere out there is a bunch of high school freshmen who can't wait to get to school in the morning :-) Also added is a tall slim and stacked 30 something year old mom out and about at the amusement park. Wearing tight beige pants and a funky sleeveless top she sports some eye catching hangers. There's more including a big titted market sighting where the subject has a pair of big ole hanging torpedoes ... a mid 20's black honey, stacked with enormous tits in a tight white top and yet another "young" old sighting. This one looks to be early to mid 50's but has the body and walk of a sexy 30 year old. Love the short shorts and the big tit jiggle. You go girl! (I mean Miss)

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Update April 10, 2005


A big tittied white woman in a light blue top cuts a wide swath
translation - got damn she has some big titties!

An even bigger chested black woman makes a quick path
translation - got damn that fast walking woman's titties are even bigger!

Conservative yet real sexy with your big boobs in a light brown top
translation - though you don't want the attention - we know you've got big tits

A young girl in a white top in a few years she will surely pop
translation - you are big for your age but in a few years ...

Oh My! Look at that one's profile her chest is fucking huge
translation - Oh My! Look at that one's profile her chest is fucking huge! :-)

Quick look to the left it's a slim and stacked babe her shirt is filled with boob
translation - Hey pal, big ones at 9 o'clock

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Update April 03, 2005

Giant Black Titties

I would have to say that without question The Biggest Chest Yet a.k.a. "The Woman In The Banner", as seen over the past two weeks, has been the most popular sighting ever posted here. I've received lots of email asking about her and if there will be any more clips as well as tons of comments in the "I'm in love" motif :-) So, will there be more clips of her? ... I hope so. Let's all get down now on one knee and say a little pray to the giant titty gods that this amazing woman rears her giant tits again ... Amen.

Now, I know you love giant black titties and this weeks feature sighting has some monsters! Strolling down the street dressed all in white this honey is packing some major boobage. Wow, her chest is huge. I love the footage of her walking directly towards and then past us. That frontal view as seen in apr_05_02.mpg is just crazy. She's the type that when the bra comes off those babies will be flapping against her waist line in no time. I cannot get enough of her.

Also in this weeks update ... for the BBW lover's ... there is a big chested 40 something year old mom in white pants and a light blue top which has expanded outward to allow for a pair of big, fat tits ... a quick clip of a tall, big boned and big chested 50 something year old bouncing towards us ... a smoking hot latina mami in a cleavage revealing tight stretch white top and a plump young big titter in a hot pink top that just begs for attention.

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Update March 27, 2005

Nine New Joints

Nine New Joints added today including ... two new clips of The Biggest Chest Yet a.k.a. "The Woman In The Banner". It's like this ... I will immediately retire from the game if and when I pull a woman like her, period. So, if you come back here one day and shit is gone you know what's up :-) But in the meantime there's lot's of work to be done such as ... a fly slim and stacked young honey in jeans and a tight white tank top with the crazy body. You gotta love them tits ... two separate big chested middle aged black females pushing it along in tight white tops. Yup, the 'big tits in a white top' syndrome strikes again ... a young white girl in black pants and a tight red top with a pair of big ass titties ... A pair of big and lovely soon to be floppies on a forty something year old mom wearing a light blue sleeveless top ... a short, skinny little thing in a lime green polo top with boobs that are just too big for her frame ... and last but certainly not least ... a quick clip of some young'ns to prove that some really do develop earlier than others.

Note - Next week the April 04 Candid Clips page comes down so be sure to grab it now amigos.

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Update March 20, 2005

The Biggest Chest Yet a.k.a. "The Woman In The Banner"

*Been waiting for the right moment to join or looking to rejoin? This is the update to do it.

She's massive, enormous, humongous. Straight up eye popping. Her cup size? ... don't know but she's off the chart. Who is she? Well, she's the girl I receive the most email and inquiries about. So, without further adieu, I present to you ... The Biggest Chest Yet a.k.a. "The Woman In The Banner".

As you watch her you'll shake your head in amazement when those gigantic, heavy watermelon sized tits sway back and forth with each step she takes. You'll watch as she approaches from afar and passes right by you. Her bra struggling to contain that monster chest. You'll look close to notice that her shirt is thin enough that you can make out her giant cleavage. You'll then stare bug eyed at her profile as her breasts hang all the way down to her waist. For gigantic tit lovers like myself this is hands down the best sighting yet!!! My editor is working on another clip of her.

Besides The Biggest Chest Yet a.k.a. "The Woman In The Banner" there's also some great sightings in this update including a lovely honey in black slacks and a white top on her lunchtime stroll standing out from the crowd with those big, big boobs ... a middle aged white mom packing some impressive T and A ... a plump but giant breasted girl at the market checkout counter. She loves red meat. Next ... for the BBW lovers ... a big chested button down shirt stretcher as well as a tasty market sighting with a revealing top. Last but certainly not least is a fly young latina in a spaghetti string tank top and tight jeans. This girl was smoking hot. The hair, the skin tone, the ass ... the TA-TA's.

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Update March 13, 2005

Big Tits When You're Young ... Big Tits When You're Old

The effects of aging as well as gravity can have a major impact on a young big titter. Unless of course one considers ... (cover your eyes if you have a weak constitution) ... breast reduction. This update spans young and big to old and big. Perky to saggy. Pointing east to pointing south. As far as preference, I'm not picky. Just show me (insert any age here) big. Within the legal limits of course :-)

This Weeks Sightings From Youngest To Oldest

College freshmen in a white jacket draped over a cleavage revealing white tube top which strains to contain those big tits

College sophomore in a white top and purple pants with a pair of attractive perky ones

College junior in jeans and a white top, about three months into her pregnancy, with really enormous tits

Just out of college slim and stacked blonde honey in black slacks and a purple sleeveless with a mouth watering chest

Thirty something year old in beige pants and a hot pink top with an eye catching pair

Late 40, early 50 year old in jeans and a tight white top. Props for working it like a young'n

Sixty something year old grandma in jeans and and sleeveless white top with big floppies

Remember ... age ain't nothing but a number ,,,

Sample pics here



Update March 06, 2005

The Best Chest

Now, you know I'm a picky muthafucka when it comes to this sighting thing and for me to title a gallery The Best Chest ... well, you know it must be hotness. The Best Chest is a beautiful black Egyptian looking woman in her mid to late 30's. Think Queen of the Nile. Tall and lean with that little female tummy, she packs an amazing chest. So big, so heavy and so full in her tight white top. Mind you ... she appears to be wearing a super support/minimizer type bra but come on ... she's The Best Chest. Awesome. Part Two of Anne 38I has also been posted in this update. Anne can be summed up in one word. STAR. Besides being very attractive and well spoken with a great personality Anne's got one of the most amazing chest's I've ever seen. And straight out of the twilight zone ... imagine you're walking down Main Street, Anywhere and suddenly an older woman with big boobs and wearing a big black wig and flimsy little yellow nighty strolls by. Only in the twilight zone my friends.

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Update February 27, 2005

Shoulder Boulders

Shoulder Boulders. I've always loved that term which some use to describe big tits. Heck, it's even fun to say. Shoulder Boulders. Seems to just roll off the tip of the tongue. Maybe it's the rhyme scheme. Or maybe it's the visual image of boulder's hanging off the shoulder. Shoulder boulders might be the first words that come to mind when viewing clip feb_05_27 from this week update. They were for me. She's a middle-aged and attractive woman. Slim, except for the developing middle age tummy found on lots of women her age. She wears a below the knee black skirt and a white sleeveless top that stretches to contain her shoulder boulders! The beginning of the clip has her walking towards us and we can see overflowing tit flesh wobble around as it begins to find it's way up and over the top of her bra cups. Then there's some great walking profile footage which really shows off her freaky large hangers. Suddenly, about halfway through the clip, she slows her walk to let others pass and we see her nipples begin to get hard as they push up against her bra and top. Yum! Who loves chocolate chips? She finally makes her way into a store and disappears from our sight. Good stuff.

Of course there's more including three more "big tits in a white top" sightings. Why do big chested women love to wear white tops? Not that I'm complaining :-) There's also a super sexy blonde wearing a pair of hip hugging jeans and a funky pink top and sporting a very nice rack. Lastly there's a short, thick latina dressed all in blue who has a huge chest for size. Just enormous. Check out clip feb_05_29 then imagine the site of her on top, riding your cock like there's no tomorrow screaming "ayy papi" as her huge tits flap up and down. Yeahhhhh man.


Update February 20, 2005

Hey ... You Wanna See Some Big Ass Titties?

Are you in heaven at the sight of a mature black woman with enormous tits? I'm talking humongous melons that sway back and forth with each step, stick out a good 10 to 12 inches from the side and practically cover the entire torso? The type of woman whose huge chest causes young and old to stare and make comments yet seems oblivious to the attention? Do you like that type? Then you'll love Clip 21 from this weeks update.

Or maybe you're turned on by a ridiculously slim thirty something year old in tight black slacks (nice ass honey) and a sleeveless white top filled with some too big for her frame silly cone titties? Then you'll love Clip 19 from this weeks update.

Wait ... I know your type. You like the conservatively dressed blonde and blue eyed southern belle who had the biggest tits in her class. She's put on a few pounds since graduation but don't despair as some of that weight went straight to her chest. Clip 22 my friend.

Lastly, you might be like someone I know. Tormented by the random sighting of a huge chested older office worker on her lunch break, waiting in line at a local eatery. You can go for months on end without bumping into those giant orbs and like magic 'poof' she appears one day though all you can do is stare because you're camera free. Well, patience as well as daily praying to the titty gods pays off my friend. Clip 20.


Update February13, 2005

Here They Come . . . Walking Down The Street

This week's update contains ten new big tit sighting clips totaling close to 84 megabytes. There's the really big chested teen in the tight valentine red top who bounces with each step. Watch as she bounces to and stops right in front of you before moving on. Another "bounce stepper" is the good looking big boobed brown haired late 20's chick in the orange tank top. One of the most incredible bodies ever is on the black teen honey in the light blue skirt. Her hair might be fake but not her chest! Damn, those things are just huge for her frame and age. She was simply in love with herself. You sexy bitch. There's a blonde in a dark green tank with some nice fat floppers ... a huge titted granny supermarket sighting. Her clip alone is almost 15 megabytes. Two 'slim with big tit ' sighting clips where the subject walks past ... a "secretary with big tits" type bouncing around in a tight red top ... a young and very slim cutey possessing a pair of protruding, pointy ladybumps ... and finally, a mature black mom hiding a humongous pair under her baggy, oversized black t-shirt. Here they come ... walking down the street :-)


Update February 06, 2005

February Is Off To A STRONG Start

the Sherri Shepherd look a like ... face and chest :-)

the skinny school girl with the succulent breasts

the chunky huge titted honey in the hot pink top

the huge chested grandma ...ooh, that's hot

the all dressed in white afro queen with the giant tits

the big titty mom who stretches an oversized denim shirt for a good fit

the bbw shopper with the bowling ball sized melons and then some

the black Jessica Simpson ... she's got big tits but could she also be dumb?


Update January 30, 2005

If You Can Tell They're Big Chested With Their Clothes On ...

... imagine how big they are with their clothes off.

I'm currently involved with a curvy 38DDD cup honey. She loves to wear tight shirts (which I refer to as titty tops) which draws nonstop attention to her chest and claims that she's not showing off her ta-ta's on purpose but simply cannot hide 'em cause they're so big. I was introduced to her by her cousin who is a friend of mine. I remember her cousin telling me before our first meeting, " ... oh, by the way my cousin has huge tits." Well, lucky fucking me :-) The very first time we met I hugged her and them joints practically covered my whole upper body as I squeezed her tight. Now, she looks huge in normal everyday clothing. Just like the sightings seen here on the site. But when the top and bra come off ... she's not just huge anymore. She's H U G E! It's just amazing how much a shirt and bra can minimize boobs. So, the next time you're out and see that jaw dropping huge titter wobbling by, just use your imagination and imagine how big they really are. Timberrrrrrrrrrrr.

... this weeks update includes a giant chested, mature supermarket sighting with some nice profile views ... a fine young busty honey who's as simple as can be in her denim skirt and lime green tee. Sometimes its the simpler things in life that can make a big difference in your day :-) Moving on ... a long clip of a thick, big chested chick in a tight light green top moving it down the road jack ... another thick, big chested chick in a tight white top and red pants ... a quick clip of a young, full chested sweetie in a light pink top who has got 'em packed in real tight ... another quick clip of a serious jiggler in a sleeveless light green top ... and last but certainly not least ... miss tits and hips. She's the type who walks real hard causing her chest to wobble on each step. Of course I had to slo-mo her clip for full wobble enjoyment. Hey, it's only right.


Update January 23, 2005

It's Cold Outside But HOT In Here


It seems lots of you loved the old school candid clips posted in last weeks update. I am going to post lots more as time goes by and have included a new one in this update featuring a mom in a white t-shirt with some long, slinky ta-ta's as seen from the side. Lots of you also loved the Anne clip and emailed me asking if she has a site or email contact address. I do not know of any site or contact address for the amazing Anne but do know that I have another great t.v. appearance of her (wearing just a bra:-), and will post that clip soon.

... sightings in this update also include ... a good sized clip of a very big chested woman who might be close to sixty but has the body of a thirty year old. Watch as she pulls down tight on her already tight white top to accentuate her bigness. Lots of good angles in this clip. Also, a huge chested thick, young latina filling up and stretching out a simple white tee ... an older woman in an ankle length gray dress with a very large and impressive chest ... a fine slim and stacked tease sighting clip. What's a tease sighting clip you ask? A tease sighting clip is when you know the rack is big can only catch a partial glimpse due to other variables such as distance, angles or obstacles. In this case the obstacle is the arm she's using to chat on her celly. Every now and then we catch a glimpse and her chest is friggin huge! Also, a fine honey in a light blue skirt and sweater ensemble exhibiting some eye catching sweater meat. Damn, she walks fast ... and lastly, a huge chested mature shopper wobbling right into your living room :-)


Update January 16, 2005

It's The Must Have Update


I'm bringing you 7 never seen before OLD SCHOOL candid clips that will make you become a fan,
I'm bringing you 45 NEW SCHOOL sighting pics that will make you say where's the cam?
I'm bringing you one top 10 of all-time T.V. clip that will make you scream GOT DAMN! (yes, she's all natural)

It's the "must have" update baby!

Enjoy (.) (.),


Update January 09, 2005

Some Just Have "it"


What is "it"? You know, the tit factor. Regardless of what they're doing, what they're wearing or how they're feeling they personify tits. It's unescapable. Undoable. Unreversible (barring a reduction of course). Some are proud of "it", some try to hide "it" while some don't even realize "it". "It" is what this site is all about. We are admirers of women who have "It". So, the next time you're walking down the street or in the market and catch yourself mesmerized by that special woman, remember, you're attracted to her "it". Ahhhh fuck it ... you're attracted to them big ass titties :[)

This week's "It" girls include ... a super sexy, slim with big tits, cashier doing serious damage to her store provided red top ... a huge chested black honey wearing a super funky off the shoulder light blue top. The source clip was shaky though there is no denying her giant, fat tits ... a casually dressed mom in a beige tank top displaying her "It" factor. I think the comment to her friend as a truck drove by and gave her the honk honk salute was, "What's their problem. It's like they never saw some flesh before." ... a giant titted 30ish type in a red top that had everyone staring, making comments and laughing to themselves. Her chest was humongous. The woman was not fat but had that bubble tummy that some women develop. The clip is strictly frontal view and goes from regular motion to slow motion ... and last but not least, a great big tit mom shopping sighting. She has fat, low-slung boobs and is wearing denim shorts and a t-shirt. Pretty as can be but look at her pics. Can you deny that she has "It"? Fuck no! That's what I'm talking about.


Update January 02, 2005

Happy New Years To All


It's a new year. A new beginning. New sightings and new boobs to admire. As requested, I'm kicking things off with new clips of the mega titted honey as featured on last weeks cover. These clips take us underground as well as above ground. She has some giant, heavy boobs that sway nicely as she walks along. They're so big how could they not? Next ... a very big chested honey in a red shirt doing some shopping. Those bombs are big and hang nice and low. If she ever tucks in that oversize shirt it's heart attack city for us big boob lovers. Next ... a 20 something year old babe in a dark tank top with a nice plump pair ... a big chested mom in a pink top ... a hot latina with big juggs in a tight white stretch top (yum) ... a chunky chick filling up a light blue top ... and last but certainly not least, an incredible mature babe with the body of 20 year old. Great curves on her. Notice how her chest is putting some serious pressure on that button down shirt. Plus, she's nipping out as well. Two thumbs up!!


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